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英語讀經材料(Bible Reading Resources in English)

Asian Notes – A Year’s Devotional Bible Reading Series(yearly and dated)

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出版(Publisher):馬來西亞讀經會(Scripture Union Peninsular Malaysia)


CAT No.:SU9451(Vol.1)/SU9452(Vol.2)/SU9453(Vol.3)




  Asian Notes is a devotional Bible reading written with Asian perspective, particularly suitable to English-speaking Asian Christian. Offered in a very attractive price, it offers itself as a modest tool to assist readers in the cultivating of the twin disciplines of sitting in the presence of God and feeding on His Word. Written by 24 Asian writers across denominations, Asian Notes seeks to guide readers through the Bible in three years. Each volume contains 365 devotional readings from God’s Word. Each day’s reading features a key passage from the Bible. As you explore the different passages and learn to listen to God’s voice, may the joy of a deepening friendship with the Lord become your delightful portion, sit and feed.



Asian Reflections – Daily Devotional Readings(yearly and dated)

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CAT No.:SU9454(Y.1-1)/SU9455(Y.1-2)/SU9456(Y.2-1)/SU9457(Y.2-2)


這套材料是Asian Notes的延續,能有系統地幫助讀者每天在神的話語中與祂親近,並增進與神的關係。每本為180天讀經材料,內容由亞洲牧者及聖經學者執筆,使用此系列的讀者可以四年完成閱讀整本聖經一遍。

  Asian Reflections is the continuation series for Asian Notes. This systematic Quiet Time material will help you meet God daily through His Word and grow in your relationship with Him. Written by Asians for Asians, this is a 4-year series covering 100% of the Scriptures.



英語讀經材料(Bible Reading Resources in English)

Daily Bread (Quarterly and dated)

  daily_bread_201601_03_205  daily6 bread 201410_12_205  daily6 bread 201407_09_205  daily6 bread 201404_06_205  daily6 bread 201401_03_205

  Daily Bread aims to inspire you and help you hear from God each time you read the Bible. Its objective is that your relationship with God will become deeper and stronger through reading his Word and that Daily Bread will inspire you every time you pick it up.
  The notes for each day are made up of five elements: Prepare, Read, Explore, Respond, The Bible in a Year. They are intended to be a helpful pattern of meeting with God in His Word. Daily Bread provides real inspiration each time you read it. Our writers are from all kinds of backgrounds with all kinds of perspectives. We’re sure you’ll be challenged, encouraged, surprised and inspired as God uses the notes to speak into your life.


•    Full of practical comments that relate the Bible to everyday life

•    Bible text on the page next to each note

•    See Scripture differently with meditative colour pictures



Closer to God – Reading the Bible in the power of the Holy Spirit(Quarterly and dated)

closer to God 201501_03_205  closer to God 201410_12_205  closer to God 201407_09_205  closer to God 201404_06_205  closer to God 201401_03_205

  Closer to God is experiential, relational, radical and dynamic. This publication is unique, providing a creative and reflective approach to Bible reading with an emphasis on renewal. There is a Bible reading with notes for every day of the week (each weekly section is designed so that if you miss up to two days you still won’t get behind), together with ‘going deeper’ meditations, special features and theme weeks. The ‘prepare’ and‘respond’ sections include some imaginative, fictional and meditative writing. A colour postcard with a Bible verse is included to aid meditation.



Encounter with God – Hearing God speak today (Quarterly and dated)

encounter_with_God201601_03_205  encounter with God201501_03_205  encounter with God201410_12_205  encounter with God201407_09_205  encounter with God201404_06_205  encounter with God201401_03_205

  Encounter with God provides a thought-provoking, systematic, in-depth approach to Bible reading, relating biblical truth to contemporary issues. The writers are experienced Bible teachers, often well-known. The syllabus covers the whole Bible with a Psalm every Sunday. It contains:


•    daily consecutive Bible readings and prayer in each issue;

•    introduction and review articles for each consecutive series, enabling further study, reflection and response;

•    feature articles, addressing contemporary issues;

•    a dual programme, covering the Bible in either one or six years.


**“Daily Bread”, “Closer to God” and “Encounter with God” for order only, if you have any enquiry, please contact Scripture Union of Hong Kong.

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